Majorelle Garden

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The Garden, which covers 9,000 m2 today, is one of the most enchanting and mystical gardens in Morocco. Created in the space of forty years, the walled ensemble consists of a labyrinth of intersecting paths, intertwining levels and Moorish Art Deco-style buildings in bold colors. The garden is a gigantic and opulent collection of exotic plants and trees from the most distant lands, designed both as a sanctuary and as a laboratory by the French painter Jacques Majorelle from 1922.
In 1980, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, who discovered Morocco in 1966, bought the Garden to save it from a hotel complex project that envisioned its destruction.
The new owners decide to live in the villa of the artist Jacques Majorelle, renamed Villa Oasis.

For many years, I have found in the Majorelle garden an inexhaustible source of inspiration and I have often dreamed of its unique colors”.
Yves Saint Laurent.


In the center of the Medina.

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